5 Best London Ghost Walking Tours

Sundown crawls its tired way through the restricted back streets and secret yards that snake their direction through the noteworthy heart of the City of London. A crazy hand on a screen sheet. Its contorted fingers open old mysteries of dim deeds that untruth buried behind the time-encrusted dividers of the old houses of worship and tumbledown cemeteries. Its scratching murmur echoes into the shadowy openings of the failed to remember alcoves and corners of the City of repulsive evening. Since quite a long time ago withdrew inhabitants hear its call, and London’s spooky people gets up from its sleeps and the spirits of the past cross the separation and begin to walk the roads as apparitions.

1) London Ghost Tour.

Go to the places upon which the vicious villain Jack the Ripper slew his victims, strolling darkened streets searching for specters. Scour Burlington’s Arcade on Piccadilly Circus for Percy the Poltergeist; delve into the legend of the irritable phantom Scratching Fanny; and visit a pub over whose patrons a ghost is said to peer. 

2) The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London.

Here is the Original Landgate East Jack the Ripper tour that has been operating nightly since 1982. Our start point ensures that, within seconds of setting out, you’re exploring the cobbled alleys and atmospheric old streets that have changed little since Jack the Ripper prowled their shadows. Our guides, Richard Jones, John Bennett, Philip Hutchinson, Angie Norman, Lindsay Siviter and Mark Bussell are experts on the case and have between them written significantly more than ten acclaimed books on the Jack The Ripper mystery.

3) Ghost Bus Tour of London.

Locate a little-known side to London with this ghost tour aboard a classic 1960s Route master double-decker bus. Your guide navigates through the town, recounting tales of murder, execution, torture, and ghosts at key locations. See London’s best-known landmarks in a new light while also discovering little-known sites. Enjoy a range of departure times to best suit your schedule.

4) Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes Tour of Haunted London.

Delve deeper into the gruesome history of London during a history tour that centers on Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes. Exploring on foot provides you with a more intimate glimpse into the east and central London areas covered, while traveling between destinations in a classic double-decker bus makes this an extra-special experience.

5) London Private Ghost Tour and Haunted Exploration Game.

Set about a haunted quest around London by solving clues that may get you to many haunted places in the town, all with assistance from your smartphone. Unlock new stories as you get by yourself probably the most haunted house in London, Queen’s Chapel, Green park, and more.

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